Saturday, June 6, 2020

The Midway Drive-In and Flashback Weekend

I have been going to Flashback Weekend every summer for many years. Mia is a cousin of my bud Cuzz Gekas, who also attended unbeknownst to me. How we never compared notes and made the connection is beyond me. Eventually, we did put it all together.
Flashback Weekend is a great convention held in August in Rosemont, IL:. I have met so many celebrities and had so many fun times there.
Mike and Mia are awesome people. They work very hard to make this event fun for all. I cannot thank them enough for the consideration and kindness they have shown me over the years.
Mike and Mia also own and operate the Midway Drive-In about 90 minutes west of Chicago. I wrote about it at A Night at the Midway Drive-In for Global Traveler.
Drive-In theaters have been on the decline since their peak in the 1950s. There are about 300 left in the country and the Midway Drive-In is the closest and the best. The drive-in is perfect for social distancing.
The Midway Drive-In is a combination of nostalgia and technology. Gone are the radio speakers. All audio is played over the radio. That's really the only major difference and it is a good one.
Unfortunately, during the current pandemic, the diner is closed, but patrons are allowed to bring in their own food for a nominal fee. The diner will eventually reopen, bringing back the full experience.
The Midway shows classics as well as current movies. Watching movies at night in the country is about as peaceful as it gets.
Go to for more info on the convention. Check out for more info on the drive-in.
Mi and Mike Kerz and me in Rosemont, IL-August 2019.


Jean Parker said...

So very cool to know someone who owns a drive-in movie theater! Who would of ever thought these theaters could survive, but now I'm thinking there will be more of them popping up due to the Covid 19 virus.

Johngy said...

It's odd how some businesses will suffer, but places like drive-in theaters seem to be doing better.