Tuesday, January 12, 2021

On the Beat With Chauntiel Smith-Jones of the Capture Sports Agency

Last Friday, I interviewed Chauntiel Smith-Jones, President and CEO of the Capture Sports Agency for GlobalWomensSportsRadio.com. Smith-Jones had an interesting path on her way to founding the sports agency and her future looks just as fascinating.

Born and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Smith-Jones once had dreams of a career in the WNBA. When she decided that was not going to happen, despite her being an excellent athlete, she turned her focus to the related field of representing athletes.

On the surface, that seems to be a ordinary story, but delving deeper, I learned Smith-Jones is not an ordinary person. She is extraordinary in every aspect, as is the Capture Sports Agency.

In our interview, Smith-Jones discusses the role her faith played in her creation of CSA and the role it plays within CSA. It was refreshing to hear how she integrates faith into her profession. She's not preachy, but when you have a deep faith like she does, it comes through clearly.

She talks about the type of athletes CSA pursues. It isn't all about money for CSA (although obviously as a business, it is a factor, just not the main focus). CSA is about positivity and partnerships. It is easy to see that positivity starts with Smith-Jones.

In covering sports and entertainment, I have dealt with many agents. I have never talked to one as positive, excited and yet calm as Smith-Jones. Her passion is palpable, but not once did she brag about her accomplishments. She really didn't have to brag though. Her resume speaks volumes.

We also talked about the social justice movement and women advancing in sports, two hot topics right now. Smith-Jones expressed her views eloquently and positively (yes positivity again), without criticizing opposing viewpoints. It is people like Smith-Jones who will play important roles in those issues going forward.

Lastly, we had a little fun with lighter topics, like her favorite sports teams, her vacation destination goals, her ultimate sports fantasy and more. You can tell I admire her immensely, because when she proudly stated she is a fan of the Green Bay Packers, I didn't let my fandom for the Chicago Bears try to stifle her. We joked a bit about the rivalry.

I really enjoyed learning more about Smith-Jones in my pre-interview research and even more as I talked to her. As the interview ended I felt so positive. It has been a rough week in this country, but people like Smith-Jones give me hope for the future.

I hope to revisit Smith-Jones in the future as she conquers new goals. Until then, I will follow her and CSA at CaptureSportsAgency.com.

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