Wednesday, March 17, 2021

On the Beat With Athletes Unlimited Volleyball Week 3 Part 1

Week Three is in the books for Athletes Unlimited Volleyball. I have to admit, I am enjoying watching volleyball much more than anticipated.

These women athletes are the best volleyball players in the world and they aren't playing for millions of dollars. Of course they are being paid, but the unique structure of the league is basically a pay for performance system. Additionally, there is a built-in donation to the charity of the player's choosing.

The games are played Saturday through Monday, with two matches each day. All of the games are followed by media sessions. I'll also admit, although I heard of most of these players, I knew very little about any of them. Through the broadcasts and the media sessions, I am learning a lot and enjoying the journey with them.

Today, I am featuring the first three media sessions from Week Three. Bethania DeLaCruz, Lianna Sybeldon, Nia Grant, Sheilla Castro, Molly McCage, Brie King and Karsta Lowe and Kelly Hunter all took turns answering questions and giving their thoughts. Topics range from specific game details to very general interest stuff. You can pretty much know which area was my focus. Check the sessions at On the Beat with Athletes Unlimited Volleyball Week 3 Part 1.

Go to for more info on the players and the league. Check my recurring coverage here and on, and

Kelly Hunter and me-March 2021.

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