Tuesday, September 14, 2021

On the Beat With Athletes Unlimited Softball 09/11/2021

This Sunday was a special day for Athletes Unlimited Softball. It was Causes Day.

Part of the unique structure of all Athletes Unlimited sports is the Athletes Causes Program, empowered by Give Lively. Each player chooses a charity, which will get 50% of that player's season bonus. It's a wonderful program, which not only raises money, but also awareness for the charities.

Players can also create their own fundraising pages to support their cause. They also use their social media platforms as another means of spreading the word.

This is such a special feature of AU. The players have strong connections to their causes. Many players have personal or community interactions with the causes.

After Saturday's games, Bubba Nickles, Kelsey Harshman, Dejah Mulipola, Amanda Lorenz, Aleshia Ocasio and Taylor Edwards participated in the post-game press session. The players talked about why they selected their causes. That press session can be found at On the Beat With Athletes Unlimited Softball 09/11/2021.

For more detailed info, go to the Causes page on AUProSports.com. Also check back here for my recurring coverage of AU sports.

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