Friday, October 22, 2021

On the Beat With Sheryl Steines at Wizard World 2021

My coverage of Wizard World Chicago 2021 continues with Sheryl Steines, a local author. Sheryl was one of my first interviews at a comic con.

I first met and interviewed author Sheryl at Wizard World Chicago 2011. She had just released her first book, The Day of the First Sun, in November 2010 and I love following authors from their beginning. That interview can be found at On the Beat With Sheryl Steines at Wizard World 2011.

In total, Sheryl has written six books. Five are stories of magic and mystery. Another, Introvert to Sales Goddess delves into the challenges and process of an introvert succeeding in the business world. I have Sheryl's books on my bookshelf, but I need to add that last one.

I love Sheryl's books. They are perfect mixes of romance, fantasy, magic, mystery and more. Sheryl weaves elements in and out flawlessly. I'm not a huge fan of the magic and fantasy genre, but I really enjoy Sheryl's books. I think Sheryl writes beautiful stories, that happen to include magic, fantasy and the other elements. A well-written story in any genre is always a treat.

I also follow Sheryl online on her social media accounts. Sheryl is very open about her writing process. I find it immensely interesting to read of her struggles and success in writing. The writing process fascinates me and Sheryl puts hers on display much to my delight.

At the recent Wizard World, Joey Roth joined the Johngy's Beat crew and handled the interview with Sheryl.They discussed her books, her work process through the pandemic and more. Joey's interview with Sheryl is at On the Beat With Sheryl Steines at Wizard World 2021.

Go to for more info on Sheryl and her books. Check for the latest news and updates.

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