Sunday, December 5, 2021

Black and White Tegu at C2E2 2020

C2E2 2021 is coming up quickly. After a pandemic delay caused it to be postponed for eight months, it can't come soon enough, even though it starts Friday and runs through the weekend.
C2E2 is full of celebrity guests, artists, authors, other creative folks and more. Usually, there are also a couple exotic animals, too. Such was the case with my buddy the tegu.
A tegu is a lizard, native to Central and South America. The black and white tegu I am holding i highly intelligent and can be housebroken (although there might be some state rgulations regarding keeping them as pets). It lives 15-20 years in the wild and probably longer in captivity. It is docile, especially in adulthood.
These situations always present a dilemma for me. I am always up for interacting with an exotic animal. Aside from the risk of urination, there is nothing to fear. I just don't know about so many people handling the animals. The ones at C2E2 are always brought in by reputable sources and the funds raised go to their care.
My tegu buddy here seemed to enjoy his time at C2E2. He didn't squirm or try to escape anyone's grasp. Instead, he warmed up quickly to all.
Hopefully this year, I'll see new animals, but I'll find out Friday when C2E2 returns. Go to for all the info and scheduling.
Black and White Tegu and me in Chicago, IL-March 2021.

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