Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Johngy Goes National!

Besides Johngy's Beat, I also write a weekly blog for Global Traveler magazine's website. On July 2, my regular Wednesday piece was about former major league baseball player Rick Monday. Rick Monday was an excellent player ... well, maybe it would be better to let David Stein of Sporting News Radio tell the whole story...

Johngy's blog, as read by David Stein of Sporting News Radio-7/3/08.


Unknown said...

*sniff* Johngy's all grown up, taking the world of technology by storm. I'm glad to see you're putting some of that knowledge I've passed on to you to good work. Great job on the video!

Anonymous said...

KUDOS. Well done, well done!!! For starters, you're not a writer by trade so the simple fact that you had the guts to approach Monday and question him about a still-apparent "hot button" is inspiring.

The second "applaud" relates to the fact the radio show announcer read your piece virtually verbatim, that speaks volumes.

You've come a long, long way, baby. BRAVO!

This was a well-known event; he could have easily used his own words, his own spin. He chose to read your piece.

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Congrats, dude! You did a nice job on the blog and to have it read on SNR is way cool.

Johngy said...

Ronnie-Your comments truly humble me. I appreciate them greatly!



It must also be noted that LD deserves a huge amount of credit for this whole series of events. LD's genuine humility prevented me from originally giving credit, More will come in a future post, but for now let it be known that the GT blog, the interview with Monday, the movie and this blog would not have been accomplished without the gentle prodding and extreme encouragement of LD.