Thursday, November 6, 2008

Chris Candido:Bodydonna

Chris Candido knew from an early age that he wanted to be a wrestler. His grandfather wrestled for the WWWF (now the WWE). Candido enjoyed some success everywhere he went, but never attained superstardom. In the ring, he was usually associated with his high school sweetheart (and lifetime love) Tammy Sytch. I met Candido at the Pillman Memorial Show. As usual, Candido was accompanied by Sytch. However, right when it was my turn to meet them, she got called away for an interview and Candido was left looking at a long line of disappointed people. At least I had a good laugh with him about it. Seriously, I was just happy to talk a little wrestling with him.
Sadly, Candido died in 2005 from a blood clot following surgery to repair a leg. Drugs were ruled out as any connection.

Chris Candido and me at the Pillman Memorial Show in Cincinnati, OH-2001.

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Anonymous said...

The Bodydonnas were a great heel group. I really thought Candido would be a decent star.