Sunday, December 7, 2008

Bear Down Sunday #13

Today presents another must-win game for the Chicago Bears. At 6-6, they are one game behind the Minnesota Vikings who play at Detroit.
My friends and I went to the Bears training camp in 1994 and it was extremely hot. After the game, we were meandering around the stadium, when we came across Chris Gedney submerged waist deep in a garbage bin filled with ice. Gedney was a decent (mostly backup) tight end for the Bears from '93-'95, before playing 3 seasons with the Arizona Cardinals.
What is the connection between Gedney and today's game? On the surface, there is none. However, I don't stop at the surface (unless I am tired, then why bother).
It shows that the Bears were so hot, they needed to cool down! Hopefully, coming off of a win last week, the Bears will be hot this week. It also recalls 1994, a season in which the Bears made the playoffs and beat Minnesota in the first round. Making the playoffs this year would be great. Anything can happen in the playoffs. Finally, in the chilly (umm, FREEZING) Chicago weather today, I needed something to remind me of warm weather.
Chris Gedney in Platteville, WI-August 1994.

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