Saturday, December 6, 2008

More Monkey Business with Greg Evigan

I am continuing my simian theme with Greg Evigan. One of Evigan's more famous roles was on BJ and the Bear (Evigan being BJ and the Bear being a chimp). The story had BJ McKay driving as an independent trucker, who was accompanied by his pet chimp Bear, named after legendary coach Bear Bryant. That show also starred Judy Landers, one of my teenage crushes.
Evigan also costarred on tv's My Two Dads. He played one of two possible dads (Paul Reiser being the other) of a teenage girl they were raising together. Despite the silly premise, I admit to liking the show.
Evigan was very outgoing and chatty with everyone when I met him. He was a lot of fun.
Greg Evigan and me at an HCS in Rosemont, IL-early 00's.

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