Wednesday, January 28, 2009

From Park Ridge to Hollywood

One of my friends recently got an acting gig. I didn't even know he was an actor. He didn't even know he was an actor. Yet, there he is, Tony Pasko starring in an Empire Carpet commercial.
I have known Tony for about 15 years. We met on a softball field. Louie Atsaves asked me to substitute for one of their missing players. Since then, I have worked (or wormed) my way onto the team as the regular catcher.
Tony is a good athlete and has played several positions. I am not sure where he was playing that first night, but he has settled nicely into the role of our regular pitcher, leadoff hitter and a team leader. Tony is a great teammate and a great guy, never complaining and always giving it his best.
I knew he worked for Empire. I didn't know Empire used their own people for commercials. Yet, there he is on tv and on their website, starring in their commercials. Ironically, the Empire Carpet guy, Lynn Hauldren has never worked for Empire. He was an advertising copywriter working on the Empire commercials and he wound up playing the role of the spokesperson.
Maybe Tony will follow in Hauldren's footsteps. Maybe we will see a 3D Tony and a Tony bobblehead doll. If so, it couldn't happen to a nicer guy.
Tony Pasko (back row, blue shirt) and the rest of the team in Park Ridge, IL-Summer 2007.

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