Thursday, January 29, 2009

Scruffy Johngy Meets Grizzly Adams

Some stars live their gimmick, but some legitimately are their gimmick. Donna Douglas of The Beverly Hillbillies has been known to still wear pigtails and a rope belt. Somehow, I doubt she wears that rope belt in her private life. The hillbilly gimmick, complete with the rustic wardrobe, is her trademark and is a hit at public appearances.
Dan Haggerty is the other end of the spectrum. He is Grizzly Adams (or darn close to him anyway). Haggerty is a former animal trainer, stunt expert and animal handler, whose ability to coexist with many different animals fits in well with his preference for doing outdoor films. There might be some unnatural assistance, but Haggerty looks much the same as he did when he starred in the Grizzly Adams projects.
When I met Haggerty at the Motor City Comic Con, he seemed happy to be there and just happy in general. There were no false pretenses or any attempts to jump in to the Adams character, however Grizzly Adams was very evident.
Adams works tirelessly on several charity events, as well as producing and promoting his own products. I joked with him that his food products might sell even better at the conventions than his dvd's and pictures.
Dan Haggerty and me in Novi, MI-May 2007.

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