Saturday, February 26, 2011

Celeb Jersey Cards #41 Rob Lowe & Mario Lopez

Celebrity Rookie Cards is now Celebrity Jersey Cards.  The name fits better and pulls together my interest in celebrities and my love of trading cards.

The Dodgers are a popular choice for a lot of celebrities, because of their success and their location.  In addition to ceremonial first pitches, there have been celebrity softball games at Dodger Stadium.  That is the source of the first Celebrity Jersey Card today, which features actor Rob Lowe.  Lowe's career certainly has been filled with hits and misses, but my guess is a hit during this at bat.  Lowe would have been a nice platoon catcher as Steve Yeager's career ended and Mike Scoscia's career started.
Mario Lopez is young enough to still be playing, however his Celebrity Rookie Card is from 1985.  These things only happen in the land of Celebrity Jersey Cards (and other virtual card creations by my fellow bloggers).  Lopez is clearly athletic and could have easily handled the rigors of playing shortstop.  Don't tell me that back in the day, he couldn't have beaten out Dave Anderson (or at least stole some playing time from him).


Sky Torvis said...

I still have my Franklin Stubbs card from that year. Not sure exactly why though.

Johngy said...

For the same reason I have my 1980 Dave Revering?