Sunday, February 27, 2011

Celeb Jersey Cards Reader Contributions

Today is a special edition of Celebrity Jersey Cards.  I am featuring Celebrity Jersey Card creations of two fellow bloggers.

First up is a creation of Bob Lemke, a bubblegum card enthusiast and the former editor and publisher of many magazines and books at Krause Publications.  Currently he is the editor of the vintage card sections of the Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards.  He also has a great blog, simply entitled Bob Lemke's Blog.
I have been a fan of Carl Weathers since Rocky.  I had been trying to find any photo of Weathers from his time playing pro football.  Lemke found those pictures and has created three cards.  The one below features Weathers from his time with the Oakland Raiders.  Lemke also produced a card of Weathers with the British Columbia Lions and a 1955 All American style card featuring Weathers playing for San Diego State.
Lemke is a master at custom card creations, but that's not the only thing you'll find on his blog.  It's loaded with lots of great sports stuff.
Next up is a card sent to me by Greg Frisenda, a vintage Star Wars toy collector and a Howard Stern fan.  Greg produced the Gary Dell'Abate card below as an offshoot of his usual card creations.  As a vintage Star Wars toy collector, he re-cards figures on cardbacks that he creates, a concept familiar to me thanks to JayHawk Evans.
Previously, I showcased a Dell'Abate jersey card that I created, but that was from a different day.  Greg's card perfectly captures the moment when Dell'Abate's ceremonial first pitch went awry (way, way awry).

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