Monday, March 28, 2011

Friendly Encounters

This is a series dedicated to my friends meeting celebrities.

When we last featured Rob Mackowiak, it was in a post with Steve of White Sox Cards.  They went to Oak Lawn Community High School together.  Today, I am featuring Mackowiak with two friends of mine, both named Scott.
Pork is my brother-in-law and Swede is his long-time friend (and my not-quite as long time friend).  I met Swede through Pork.  Both Scotts share a passion for beating me (and they have done it often...too often actually).  Pork has won more than his fair share of bets with me, while Swede has dominated me in the highly respected Boone Fantasy League.  Both trends have slightly turned in my favor of late, but I'll say that quietly so as not to incur the famous and highly effective Swede Curse (I'm still reeling from the effects of one particular curse placed upon me in Houston a few years back).
This last winter, Pork and Swede joined a bunch of their friends in Mexico for a wedding.  Also at the wedding was Mackowiak, a friend of the bride's family.  By all accounts, Mackowiak was just a regular nice guy.   The Scotts got a chance to talk baseball and have a good time with Mackowiak, but we all know their main goal was to land right here in Friendly Encounters.
 Scott Parker, Rob Mackowiak and Scott Olofsson in Mexico-Winter 2010.

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Jean Parker said...

Great memories. We stayed at Dreams in Cancun ... totatlly awesome place for a big group!