Sunday, March 27, 2011

Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle

Despite having a severely injured neck, Kurt Angle won a gold medal in wrestling in the 1996 Olympic Games.  While this sounds more like a pro wrestling storyline, it's true.  It's damn true (to borrow Kurt's catchphrase).
Following his amazing effort in the Olympics, Angle did go into a career in pro wrestling.  Over the years, he has won 13 world heavyweight championships between his time in the WWE and TNA.
Angle's character has usually remained similar to his perceived real life persona.  He was one of the first wrestlers to use legit MMA-type submission moves.  He is viewed as a legitimate tough guy.
Angle has also shown his comedic side at times.  He has worked both as a face and a heel.  Basically, I am saying Angle can and has done it all.
I met Angle at a promotional event near Chicago.  He had one of the longest lines waiting for him.  To his credit, Angle did his best to accommodate everyone.  I am willing to bet a few people walked away unhappy and probably bad-mouthed him.  This is always a no-win situation while signing autographs.  You have to stop at some point and someone will usually end up mad.
In this case, Angle did his best, like he always does in the ring.  It was a pleasure meeting him, as it has been a pleasure watching him perform for all f these years.
Kurt Angle in Rosemont, IL-October 2008.

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