Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nice Guy Johnny Whitaker

Not all child stars turn out to be fodder for tabloid tv shows.  Some grow up into nice people with their feet firmly planted on the ground.
Johnny Whitaker is one of my favorite former child stars.  Whitaker first starred as Jody on tv's Family Affair and followed that with a role as Johnny on Sigmund and the Sea Monsters.  Whitaker also appeared in some movies and other episodic tv. He pretty much stopped acting in early adulthood and did some missionary work.
I have met Whitaker a few times and he is really simply genuinely nice.  He talks fondly about this time in th limelight, but he shows no signs of regret.  He seems happy and it comes off so refreshing.  I always come away from meeting him feeling good.  It's a nice mix of nostalgia nd contentment.
Johnny Whitaker and me in Rosemont, IL-Mid 1990's.

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