Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy Birthday

Today is a special day.  Oh yes, it is April Fools Day but it is also someone special's birthday.  No, I am not talking about Mike Bacsik (a favorite non-great pitcher of my nephew and me), Brian Dowling (a favorite backup quarterback) or Gordon Jump (from WKRP in Cincinnati).  While they are all celebrating a birthday and they are some of my favorites, today is dedicated to someone even better.
Today is dedicated to the person who brought my first cat Iggy out of his isolation and lead me to my next two cats Crush and GiGi by saving them from an unknown fate.  She has believed in me and pushed me to do more and enjoy more.  She is a wonderful mother to a great young man and more than a great friend to all, especially me.
I love the photo below.  It screams happiness, love and the mother-son bond.  It is all things good and I witnessed it then and continue to see it now.  How can you look at the picture and not feel good about life?
Happy birthday and I hope you get the best, because you deserve it.


The Parkers said...

Great picture! Happy Birthday!

L said...

Thank you Parkers!

I can't believe you didn't tell me you did a post on bday. I didn't even know you had this photo......J was so adorable.....thanks for making my birthday "weekend" so special!