Wednesday, March 2, 2011

That's a Lot of Bull

As I previously wrote, being a part of organizing the Walk for Life while at Lerner Newspapers was one of the things of which I am really proud. The Leukemia Research Foundation was the recipient of all donations, but I felt like I had benefited more than anyone.  It was truly a great and humbling experience.
Today's post isn't about the seriousness of the event though.  Today is about silliness.  What is more silly than a big red bull mascot?
Benny the Bull is the mascot of the Chicago Bulls (not to be confused with the Benny who is a character on Dora the Explorer.  I think Bennie joined the walk through the efforts of Silbar Public Relations, the other main company whop partnered with Lerner to produce the event.
Bennie was very popular that day with kids and adults.  I don't think Bennie actually walked the route though.  I think he hung out at the party area.
I also think Bennie has gone under the knife (like a lot of celebrities have done).  In Bennie's case, he has gone for a tougher look, leaving behind the more cartoonish look.  Even in the world of mascots, it's all about the look.
Benny the Bull in Skokie, IL-May 1996


JayHawk Evans said...

Holy Hannah! It's the Lerner van! It Lives!!! Well on the internets anyways...

Johngy said...

I didn't crash that one.