Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Anatomy of the 3-1-1

Chuck E. Gekas (aka Cuzz) has been a great friend for many years.  He has a unique sense of humor and a knack for trivia (backup catchers is just one of his specialties).  Aside from sharing his knowledge of the history of the San Diego Padres, his unparalleled ability to quote from tv's Seinfeld and his opinion of fountain Cokes from various establishments, Cuzz is also a co-originator of the 3-1-1.
The 3-1-1 in its simplest form attempts to hide the weakest subject by placing it after 3 strong subjects and before one final subject.  For instance, in mentioning Super Bowl winning quarterbacks, Trent Dilfer would be a perfect pick for the "1" spot.  Of course, it will make much more sense once you watch the short video example that Cuzz did concerning some of the interviews Johngy's Beat did last year.
Before getting to the video, it should be noted that this is the very most basic 3-1-1, as I am a relative newbie to the concept.  Cuzz and his 3-1-1 cohort Jim Gekas have polished and expanded the concept over the years to include shorter versions (the very risky 2-1-1), tactile versions and differing orders within the set of 3 for various reasons.
To be honest, it doesn't come across extremely well in a written explanation.  Hopefully after watching the video below, the concept will be much clearer.

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