Tuesday, May 10, 2011

At the Motor City Comic Con

This is a special series about my friends meeting celebs at the Motor City Comic Con.

I first met the Toth family through my initial research on the Motor City Comic Con for my blog for Global Traveler magazine.  Later that year, I met Tornado and his two daugters Layne and Peri Toth.  They were quite a family.
The young ladies are talented beyond their years.  They have about 100 projects happening at all times.  The sisters have Sisters Comics, a website detailing their past achievements, current projects and future goals.  They produce Lucky:The One Eyed Stray Dog, among other comics.  They also have illustrated a few books, as well as drawn fantastic photos of and for various celebrities.  If all of that isn't enough, the sisters are active in martial arts.
Meeting them was a real joy.  Their enthusiasm and passion for what they do is contagious.  They are great young ladies and Tornado is just as dynamic.
They are scheduled to appear at the Steel City Comic Con in late July.  If you are going, stop by their table to meet them.  You will walk away feeling great.  Unfortunately, they will not be at the MCCC this year, but they have given us a picture from a previous appearance.  How about that...Stan Lee a legend genius and Peri and Layne Toth, two young geniuses!  I love this stuff.
Peri Toth, Stan Lee and Layne Toth in Pittsburgh, PA-Summer 2009.


Justo said...

Do these prints in this photo have any value on the open market? Please let me know, thanks in advance. Justob@live.com

Johngy said...

I don't really know about the open market value. Sorry.