Wednesday, May 11, 2011

At the Motor City Comic Con

This is a special series about my friends meeting celebs at the Motor City Comic Con.

Several years ago, when I did my initial research for the Motor City Comic Con, the first person I encountered was Jack Odanovich.  Jack was a huge help that first year and I am still using his stories and pictures in my yearly MCCC recap for Global Traveler.
Jack is a great guy.  He attends many conventions in Star Wars attire, but he also puts on the gear for charity events.  He is a great photographer and he recently started a blog called Jack Odanovich Photography.
Additionally, his father Craig is an author, whose debut novel The Black Widow Trainer was very well-received by critics and readers, myself included.  I am proud to know both Jack and Craig.
Jack just might enjoy the MCCC more than I do (if that is possible).  He meets other Star Wars fans, mingles with the celebs and often has other fans request pictures taken with him.  One such celebrity was Kristy Swanson, of tv's Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
I want to thank Jack for all of his help.  I also wish him much luck in his photographic endeavors and encourage everyone to check out his site.
Jack Odanovich and Kristy Swanson in Novi, MI-May 2009.

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