Friday, May 27, 2011

Celeb Jersey Cards #54 Alyssa Milano

This is a regular series which combines my passion for trading cards with my interest in celebs.

I am featuring just one card today, but its is an important card.  It is a Celebrity Jersey Card of Alyssa Milano and I am taking this opportunity to call out the lovely actress.  Yeah that's right...Johngy is calling out Alyssa Milano!
Milano "writes" a baseball blog Touch 'Em All.  Or should I say, she previously wrote a baseball blog.  Her last post was May 4, 2010.  At the top is a block which proudly lists it as one of MLB's top 100 blogs.  That's a sham in itself.
Milano started her blog in 2007.  Maybe she just got tired of it by now.  I would argue that even during her early days, there were months when she only blogged a handful of times.  MLB's top 100?  Ha!
Despite being the spokesperson for a whole line of MLB wear, I couldn't find any recent photos of Milano in a Dodgers jersey.  I know she can be seen wearing all sorts of jerseys, but those are simple photoshopped pictures.
I acknowledge that Milano is a long time avid Dodgers fan and attends many games.  I give her credit for that, but not for being a blogger.  Yet, she receives praise and MLB awards.
Believe it or not, I don't dislike Milano.  I have followed her career from her time on Who's the Boss? and I generally like her.  She has avoided most of the craziness that usually befalls young stars as they mature into adulthood.
I liked the idea of someone like Milano writing a baseball blog.  I would have liked to see it updated on a regular basis.  It seemed like a half-hearted effort which got a lot of praise before it deserved any, then sputtered onward for a few years before it was completely abandoned.  What a letdown after such ballyhoo!
Before I end, I would like to extend an offer to Milano.  If she would like to address this situation, I will gladly print her response verbatim!  Defend yourself, Alyssa.  Prove to me I am wrong.  Until then, I stand by my opinion.


night owl said...

Alyssa has moved on to Twitter, as have a number of bloggers.

I still prefer blogs (and still like Alyssa). But I'm on Twitter mostly to see what all the fuss is about.

Johngy said...

Hey Night Owl-
Thanks for stopping by.
I didn't know about her Twitter stuff. I'll soften my stance slightly based on that, but I'd still like her to respond and dispute my charges (because I am sure she cares what Johngy thinks).