Thursday, May 26, 2011

In New York With Global Traveler

When this post appears, I will be in New York for the annual wine-tasting event for Global Traveler (GT) magazine.  All of the airlines submit their wine to be judged by a panel of experts.  GT oversees this and presents awards to the winners at a later date.
Since the inception of this blog, I have mentioned GT 44 times. Some people have asked me what GT is and what I have to do with it.
GT is the creation of Fran Gallagher a long-time friend of mine (from my college job days). GT is a magazine aimed at the frequent or business traveler. It is distributed nationwide and internationally. Louie Atsaves (another long-time friend, but this time from my Lerner days) and I handle the distribution. We have worked at GT from the beginning, which really was before the first issue in February 2004.
I also contribute an online piece for GT every Wednesday, as well as having contributed to the actual printed magazine. This lead me to winning the 2009 Globility award (as I have previously discussed).
Many of my interviews are because of GT. Sometimes it is not a matter of real content, but more of getting the GT name out there (and getting me on major league fields). Many of my trips are GT-related.
If you have a few minutes, shoot over to the GT site and see all of the great travel, business and technology GT covers and then check out the GT blogs, especially the one which appears every Wednesday!
The GT staff in New York, NY-January 2010.

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