Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Reviewing:Captured Prey

Late last year, I had the pleasure of reading Craig Odanovich's debut novel, The Black Widow Trainer.  I also reviewed it here, giving it a completely positive review.  Recently, I read Craig's second novel, Captured Prey, the next book in The Black Widow Trainer series.
I had really been looking forward to Captured Prey.  I had a lot of questions as to what Craig would do with the characters and their further adventures.  Captured Prey surpassed my hopes.
Writing a book review is always tricky.  I want to tell about some of the exciting stories and plot twists, but I don't want to ruin any of it for anyone.  My goal is to convey the excitement, intrigue and adventure, without spoiling any of the story.
I can say the story picks up with Misty returning from Argentina (where she spent time with her best friend Gabriella) to start a new training session and a new adventure in Texas.  Needless to say, the story does not end in Texas.  Misty even gets involved in the vicious world of politics.
I love the character growth in this book.  Misty delves into her feelings and examines her life.  Misty shows more depth and more maturity, while not losing any of her freedom.  Misty is developing into a strong, controlled woman.
New characters are added and some old ones reappear.  All of the characters are interesting and help shape who Misty is, but Misty is the star of this book (and series).
Misty is a fascinating character.  She is innocent in a way, yet very worldly.  Her lust for life is contagious and palpable.  She is completely likable, yet I found myself enjoying it when she got in a little trouble.  A good character (and good story) needs to get in (and out) of trouble at times.  It keeps everything interesting and shows that Misty isn't untouchable.  (Although once in the trouble, I rooted for Misty to get herself out of it.)
On Craig's site he states that the story "can be scandalous, racy, risque, steamy and adventurous".  I completely agree, but I also add that there is a very real element to the story and the characters.  That's what makes the series so interesting to me.
I could talk a lot more about Captured Prey, but my suggestion is for you to read it yourself.  It is now available on Amazon (book and kindle).  It is also available through Barnes and Noble.  The ebook version of The Black Widow Trainer is only $2.99 and Captured Prey is only $4.99.  Ebook, kindle, hardback...whatever format you like, just make sure you get on board with Misty and TBWT series!
Craig and Misty are going places.  Craig has already done several successful book signings for The Black Widow Trainer, along with doing several interviews, including one on Playboy radio and one here on Johngy's Beat.  It is an exciting time for Craig, but also for us readers.  I am already looking forward to the next book!


Ellie said...

I read TBWT and loved it. I was already planning on getting Captured Prey and now I am really curious about Misty's next adventure.

Joey Torkelson said...

I bought the first and I will get this one, too, for sure!
Is Craig planning any book signings, especially in the Chicago area?