Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Everyone Loves Big Money III

I have previously documented here how everyone loves Big Money (aka my nephew Matt).  Family and friends always have been fond of Matt, but lately Big Money love  is surfacing all over the media.  Progressive spokesperson Flo started the ball rolling.  Following Flo's lead, Family Guy Peter Griffin jumped on the Big Money bandwagon.  Recently, I discovered video footage of another tv icon joining the Big Money brigade... Pat Sajak, a Chicago area native.
Sajak appeared in the NIE ad series I ran at Lerner Newspapers.  I thought I was tight with Sajak, as he even signed a copy of the ad for me.  That was all very kind of him and I appreciated it greatly.
Apparently though, he likes Big Money even more.  He dedicated a whole week of Wheel of Fortune to Big Money.  A whole week...and it was shot on location in Las Vegas!  If you don't believe me, check out the video below.
My only consolation is that Matt is a huge fan of Johngy's Beat and is continually looking out for excellent content to add.  While the Big Money train continues to pick up speed, maybe I can hop on for the ride.  Maybe he'll even toss this old dog a bone sometime.

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