Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Greg Valentine Joins the Jay Leno Club

I have been told many times that I resemble Jay Leno.  While I don't really see it myself, I hear it often.  A while back, I started the Jay Leno Club, which consists of celebrities who have made the Jay Leno connection.
For some reason, wrestlers dominate the club, with 8 of the 10 members being in the wrestling world.  I have no idea why wrestlers make the connection at a much higher rate than the rest of the celebrities I meet.  Maybe wrestlers are just more talkative and thus they mention the Leno thing, where other celebs simply are quieter.
At the Motor City Comic Con, Greg "the Hammer" Valentine became the latest member of the club.  While casually talking about the convention and  wrestling, Valentine brought up the topic.  I laughed and told him he wasn't the first.  In fact, some of his friends (or at least colleagues) had made the Leno reference to me over the years.
The Jay Leno Club now stands at 10 members.  As always, I never know when the club will grow, but as always, when it does, I will report it right here!


Evil Zebra said...

Glad to see another one of my good friends, Greg "The Hammer" Valentine has joined us!!

Yes Jay, Greg, Bundy and HTM are all good old friends.....

BUT, I could not have said this better...

Quoting Jay Leno:

"and all can see who gets prominently pictured in the upper left of the photo gallery.

The Evil Zebra himself!"


Take it,

Johngy said...

Hey, it's a fact. The Evil Zebra rules and I know it!

Jim from Downingtown said...

Philadelphia and New York sports-radio personality Jody MacDonald (son of former Mets' GM Joe McDonald) sounds just like Jay Leno.