Wednesday, July 11, 2012

On the Beat with Mink Stole at Days fo the Dead

The first interview we did at this year's Days of the Dead convention was with Mink Stole, veteran actress and total sweetheart.  Mink has had a lengthy and successful career, but might be best known for appearing in every feature film by John Waters.
Stole has played so many and varied roles.  I would probably pick her her portrayal of Dottie in Serial Mom, as my favorite, but she has a different favorite, which you will hear in the video below.  Of course, you don't get that many parts over that many years, unless you are a great actress...and Mink is.
Acting isn't her only passion.  She is also working on a musical project, entitled Do Re Mink.  Mink discusses this project in the interview, but more info and samples can be found here.
Mink is a lovely woman and so very endearing and engaging.  It was a wonderful way to start a day of interviewing.
After you watch the interview below, check out and the Mink Stole Facebook page, as well as follow Mink Stole on twitter.  Also, be sure to go to for more info on this great horror convention.

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