Thursday, July 12, 2012

On the Beat with Sean Whalen at Days of the Dead

When Sean Whalen confirmed that he would talk to us at Days of the Dead in Indianapolis, I immediately knew one question I wanted to ask.  Whalen has a lengthy resume of roles to his credit, but one of his most memorable roles was in the first "Got Milk?" commercial.  I wanted to ask Whalen about being asked about that role.
I have witnessed some actors being annoyed that people remember them from a specific commercial or a specific role (probably from a lower level movie).  Some actors want to leave those roles behind and will cringe at the prospect of discussing them.
Whalen answered my question perfectly.  His response (as you will see) made total sense and I respect his take on it.  All celebrities have the right to discuss or not discuss any topic, but when a role is so memorable, I always hope the star appreciates the significance as much as fans do.
In the interview below, Whalen also gave us a little extra trivia from that "Got Milk?" commercial.  In addition to that, he discussed his current projects.  Whalen was very cool and I really appreciate his time and willingness to talk to us.
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