Monday, August 20, 2012

Friendly Encounters: Matt Parker Meets Eric St. Vaughn at Wizard World

This is a weekly series featuring my friends meeting celebrities.

Matt Parker did an outstanding job as a video blogger (vlogger) for Wizard World.  He was a vlogging machine, getting great video clips throughout the whole convention.  That did not stop him from having some fun though.
One of Matt's favorite booths was the Resistance Pro Wrestling booth.  For Matt and me, Wizard World 2011 is really where we started following R Pro.  We have been rabid followers ever since.
One of our favorites at R Pro is Eric St. Vaughn, a member of Darcy's Dynasty.  Though he has yet to compete in the ring, Eric has a lot of potential and seems to have a bright future with R Pro.
Besides that, Eric is a very nice guy.  If he hears that though, he will probably say we are thinking of someone "else".  On the other hand, maybe he is just a nice guy outside of the squared circle.  His in ring persona does not appear to be too fan-friendly.
In either case, he struck the biceps pose with Matt outside of the R Pro booth.  ESV and Big Money would make quite a tag team.  Also, check out two of the coolest new shirts.  Eric is wearing the new ESV shirt, while Matt is sporting the first Johngy's Beat shirt.
This is just some of the fun that can be had at the Wizard World conventions.  For more info and updates on ESV, check out the Eric St. Vaughn Facebook page or go to  For more info on Big Money, keep checking here.  For more info on the shirts, just ask!
Eric St. Vaughn and Matt Parker at Wizard World in Rosemont, IL-August 2012.

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