Tuesday, August 21, 2012

On the Beat with POWW Entertainment

We are taking a brief break from our Wizard World coverage to bring you coverage of POWW Wrestling.  Scott Beatty and I took in a great POWW show on 8/18/12 in Fox Lake (IL).  The action was intense and the crowd was very into the action.  It was one of the funnest POWW shows overall.  Even spending the whole evening with with my Wrestle Beat co-host could not ruin the night.
Scott and I combined to produce interviews with six of the talented wrestlers.  Every time we attend a POWW event, we hope to keep getting bringing you more interviews with these exciting wrestlers.  For now, we hope you enjoy the following interviews.
One thing Scott and I agree on is Ruff Crossing.  We are Ruffians to the core.  For more info on Ruff, check out the Ruff Crossing Facebook page.
We also got our second interview with Stonewall.  This time we talked a bit of college football, along with wrestling.  Check out Stonewall's Facebook page to get all of the info on him.
Scott handled the interview with Mikey Wild of Threat Level Black.  In the intro interview, Wild talked about his wrestling idols, his dream match and more.  You can get info and updates on him at the Mikey Wild Facebook page.
In another introductory interview, Scott talked to Will Jacobs.  Will discussed his start in the business, his wrestling dream match and other fun stuff.  To follow him and get updates, check out the Will Jacobs Facebook page.
Scott once again took the lead in interviewing Steve Amani for the first time.  In this intro interview, we learned about Amani's wrestling heroes, his dream match and more.  Check out Steve Amani's Facebook page for all of the info and updates.
I was finally able to regain control and I interviewed Brawn the lumberjack for the first time.  Up in the rafters (surrounded by wood), we talked about his career, football and lumberjack matches.  To learn all about the man in flannel, check out Brawn the Lumberjack's Facebook page.
Everyone at POWW, from Jimmy Blaze to Mr. Ricolo to the entire wrestling roster and even Chaz Moretti give maximum effort to put on a great event.  Their next show is Saturday 8/25 in Elk Grove Village.  Don't miss it.  Johngy's Beat will be there, too.

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