Sunday, August 12, 2012

JayHawk Evans Meets Mayonnaise & Bread

Today is a special (and disturbing) feature.  JayHawk Evans accompanied the staff of Johngy's Beat to Wizard World last year.  While roaming through Artist Alley, JayHawk came across something very near and dear to his (most likely clogged) heart.  There in front of him was a sign reading "Mayonnaise & Bread".JayHawk has a long-established history as a mayo buff and connoisseur.   Once upon a time, his coworkers at Lerner Newspapers actually bought a 5 pound jar of mayo for him for Christmas.  I think he finished it by the new year.
Unfortunately for JayHawk, this "Mayonnaise & Bread" really had little to do with mayo (or bread for that matter).  It is really just a name for a web site, which is described as "a cluster bomb of art sauce and randomness which may truly stimulate and tickle that sticky and gooey part of your brain where one's fancies lay quivering in the darkness of your skull".  That's a mouthful (pun intended).
Mayonnaise & Bread advertises that they do fully commissioned art.  From my scanning of the site, they appear to do outstanding work and have done so for many well-known companies.  Check out to see for yourself.
Getting back to our friend JayHawk, it took him several days to recover from his disappointment (no offense to the M&B folks).  JayHawk was hoping for a comic book series focused on mayo.  Perhaps even may o samples.  So this year at Wizard World, I will be a great friend and keep him away from their booth, lest he relive the experience.
JayHawk Evans and Mayonnaise & Bread in Rosemont, IL-August 2012.

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JayHawk Evans said...

That was both an exciting and depressing highlight for Wizard World. But one day there will be mayo-based media for all.