Monday, August 13, 2012

Friendly Encounters: Scott Beatty Meets Mr. Ricolo

This is a weekly series featuring friends who have met celebrities.

Scott Beatty (my partner in crime on the Wrestle Beat YouTube show) would argue who is the celebrity and who is the friend in this picture.  It pains me at times to say Scott is my friend.  It would pain me to say he is also a bit of a celebrity (thanks to Johngy's Beat), except for the fact that I am a bigger celebrity.  Scott can't argue that point (especially since I control the content here).
Scott runs AU Sports Memorabilia in Morton Grove (IL).  It is the best place to find any baseball cards (other sports, too), along with programs, autographs, pictures and much more, including Scott, unfortunately.
As I mentioned, Scott is also my co-host on Wrestle Beat, a mostly weekly YouTube show where we provide pre-game and post-game shows on the various independent wrestling events in the Chicago area.  It is a work-in-progress, but we think it is getting better and better.
We must be doing something right, because indy companies like POWW, Blitz, Resistance Pro and PCW have all been behind us.  It was at a recent POWW event, where Scott met up again with our friend Mr. Ricolo, the POWW ring announcer and the Hair Extraordinaire.
Ricolo is a great announcer.  He is full of lively, energetic and full of fun.  He can really get a crowd going (unlike Scott, who gets a crowd leaving).
POWW puts on a great night of action.  Their next card is scheduled for this Saturday, August 18, in Fox Lake.  We'll be there.  Mr. Ricolo will be there.  Maybe you can get all three of us in a picture.  Check for all of the details.
Scott Beatty and Mr. Ricolo in Tinley Park, IL-July 2012.

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