Friday, August 24, 2012

On the Beat with Eliza Frye at Wizard World 2012

At the Wizard World Chicago 2012, I had the pleasure of interviewing Eliza Frye for the third time.  The previous two interviews can be found here.
Eliza is a graphic novelist, illustrator and exhibiting artist.  One of her works is Regalia, a unique book of stories and illustrations.  I am the very proud owner of a signed copy of Regalia.  I was so intrigued by it through my interactions with Eliza that I wanted to add it to my book collection.
In the interview below, Eliza discusses Regalia and also Death, her latest book project.  You can check out Death at  From my brief look at Death, it appears to be another great work by Eliza.
After you watch the interview, you can head over to to learn all about this talented, young lady.  You can also get updates on the Eliza Frye Facebook page and by following Eliza Frye on twitter.

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