Thursday, August 23, 2012

On the Beat with Aquaman at Wizard World 2012

As I recently promised, I got an interview with Aquaman at Wizard World.  Okay, maybe it isn't the real Aquaman, but he is the closest I will get at Wizard World.
I have seen Aquaman a few times at Wizard World in Chicago.  Last year I got a picture with him and he even cut a promo for Johngy's Beat.
This is just another example of the fun that can be had at Wizard World.  I have never seen a convention where so many of the attendees get into the act.  For some of them, it is more about the attendees, than the rest of the convention.  I know I am always looking out for Aquaman.
Unfortunately, as I have chronicled here many times, Aquaman lags in popularity behind the other superheroes.  So too at Wizard World, Aquaman lags behind other superheroes.  This is why I really like this guy.  He is definitely one of the biggest Aquaman fans.  He is also very good-natured about it and always willing to give a moment to Johngy's Beat.


Jean Parker said...

Nice interview! Glad you ran into one of your favorite comic hereos!

Johngy said...

Credit goes to Matt for spotting him about 200 feet away. Though we were tired, we sprinted after him to get this.