Thursday, August 30, 2012

On the Beat with POWW Entertainment on 8/25/12

Last Saturday, Scott Beatty (of AU Sports and Memorabilia) and I attended another POWW Entertainment event in Elk Grove Village (IL).  We landed four interviews which are below and are also on our YouTube Wrestling channel.
Scott's first interview of the night was with Warden Ortiz.  Ortiz was busy enough with his usual battles in POWW, when out of nowhere, his son Ryan joined his enemy's camp.  You can follow Ortiz and get updates on the Warden Ortiz Facebook page.
 Scott then landed the Warden's controversial son Ryan, in his first ever interview.  This is your first chance to hear from this young man.  Check out POWW Entertainment's Facebook page to keep up with Ryan's latest actions.
I was able to wrestle the mic away from my Wrestle Beat co-host as I interviewed JB Payne in his first POWW interview.  We learned that JB does not stand for 'Johngy's Beat' (although it should), along with a recap of JB's career path.  To continue to learn more about Payne and get his updates, check out JB Payne's Facebook page.
Scott took back the lead as he interviewed CJ Idol, one half of Threat Level Black.  They discussed CJ's dream opponent, his wrestling hero and tshirts.  You can follow CJ and his Threat Level Black partner Mikey Wild at the Threat Level Black Facebook page.
POWW's next event is September 8 in Fox Lake (IL).  Eric Freedom versus Ruff Crossing highlights th card, but check out for the rest of the card and other info.  POWW puts on a great show.  If you like wrestling, you will love POWW.

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