Saturday, August 4, 2012

On the Beat with Professor Kliq

We have followed Tommy Else since his tryout at Resistance Pro.  We have even survived one of his T3 Fitness classes (seriously, here is the video proof).  Tommy is a great guy and I am proud to call him a friend.
This isn't about Tommy though.  It is about his brother Mike, also known as Professor Kliq.  Of course, we came to know Professor Kliq through Tommy.
A Chicago area native, Mike has been making computer music since he was 12.  He graduated from Columbia College (Chicago) with a BFA in music composition.  He is extremely busy and popular on the music scene and has recently released an album "Curriculum Vitae," which can be sampled and purchased here.
Music has gone with wrestling since the days of Gorgeous George.  It only makes sense that we would run into Professor Kliq at an R Pro event.  Despite being busy enjoying the action with friends, he gave us a few minutes of his time for an introductory interview.  We hope to talk to Professor Kliq again and to watch him perform live.  Like Tommy, Mike is a great guy (and he dresses better than Jimmy Hart).
After you watch our interview, check out and the Professor Kliq Facebook page.  This guy is on the rise!

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