Wednesday, September 12, 2012

On the Beat with PL Myers at Wizard World 2012

Matt Parker and I planned on getting many interviews at Wizard World-Chicago 2012, but we also got a few unplanned ones as well.  As we walked through the crowd, we ran into PL Myers, "the shot to the top" of PCW Wrestling.
I have been going to PCW shows for years.  They were my first indy wrestling show ever.  I have also been a fan of PL's from the start.  The guy simply works his butt off.
If you ever go to a PCW show (and you should), you will obviously see PL in some sort of in-ring action, but you will also see him greeting fans and hustling around generally making sure things are running smoothly...and things do run smoothly at PCW.
PL was gracious enough to give us a few minutes out of his day at Wizard World.  Among other things, we talked about his book Gate to Gate, which can be purchased here.  I will be adding Gate to Gate to my collection soon.  We also talked about his podcast on, his interest in Wizard World and other things.  Also PCW's next show will be September 22, featuring The Total Package Lex Luger!

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