Wednesday, April 10, 2013

On the Beat with Eric St. Vaughn at Resistance Pro Wrestling's Mane Attraction has been on the Eric St. Vaughn bandwagon since he first appeared in Resistance Pro Wrestling.  Recently, we proudly announced that is a proud sponsor of ESV.  I am sure we will not be the last, but I am proud that we were the first!
ESV has come a long way since his R Pro debut.  We have seen his character blossom and develop.  It really has been fun being along for the ride.
We aren't the only ones though.  ESV has a lot of fans.  He routinely gets one of the loudest ovations (if not the loudest) at R Pro events.
Currently, he is a "heel" and is part of Body Magic.  While that role fits him well right now, I see big things in ESV's future.
I see ESV parting ways with Body Magic.  I see a "face" turn to being a good guy.  I also see a midcard title.  This is only the start.
I truly believe in ESV.  The guy has heart and soul.  Despite his wrestling persona, I know ESV is genuinely one of the good guys.'s Contributor Extraordinaire and ESV Super Fan Matt Parker talked to ESV after he took part in R Pro's first ever Battle Royal.  They discussed his performance among other things.
After you watch the interview, check out the Eric St. Vaughn Facebook page and follow ESV on twitter.

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