Sunday, April 28, 2013

On the Beat with Sunshine N Painbows at Windy City Rollers

Sunshine N Painbows skates for the Double Crossers and wears #72.  She was the Windy City Rollers’ 2011 Rookie of the Year.  She was also a member of the Windy City All-Stars.  That is an impressive debut (sort of like baseball's Mike Trout).  It seems like it would be impossible to keep up that pace, yet SNP is doing just that.
Because of his immediate and natural kinship with the Double Crossers,'s lead interviewer (and all around big shot) Scott Beatty had the honor of interviewing the colorful human contradiction of terms.  He did get her to explain the opposing words within her names.  Somehow, it all seems to fit her.  (By the way, I really loved the rainbow eye-shadow.)
SNP echoes the sentiments of her teammates when it comes to the respect for the sport and the dedication to it.  She also talks about having young girls look up to her and being a role model for their skating futures.
Young girls would do well by having these women as role models.  Scott and I are so impressed with all of the women of WCR.  They don't just preach qualities like dedication, determination and respect.  They live it and they show it.
I need to remind you that these women do not get paid.  These women skate for the love of the sport (yes, it is a real sport).  They skate for the competition and the fun.
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