Monday, April 29, 2013

Friendly Encounters: DodgerBobble Meets Mike Scioscia and Mark Trumbo

This is a regular series featuring my friends who have met celebrities.

Today, I am featuring a DodgerBobble Angels Double, courtesy of Joshua Kohl of  Joshua wrote about attending a player appearance of the crosstown rival Angels.
DodgerBobble is a fun site about Dodgers, baseball, bobbleheads and more.  As the post proves, Joshua's coverage is not simply limited to the Los Angeles Dodgers, although they are a prominent part of his site.
Joshua attends many player appearances, which is how I originally stumbled upon his site.  DodgerBobble has since become a regular web stop of mine.  As I always say, I am not much of a Dodgers fan, but I love the site, which just proves it is for anyone.
For today's Friendly Encounter, I dug into the DodgerBobble archives and found one of my favorite Dodgers, former catcher and current Angels manager Mike Scioscia and Angels outfielder Mark Trumbo.  Joshua discussed Angels and Dodgers fans coexisting peacefully, his rookie mistake and more in his fun recap.  You can find Joshua's post it Player Appearance: Mike Scioscia And Mark Trumbo.
As always, I appreciate Joshua sharing his stuff and I encourage everyone to check out
Joshua Kohl and Mike Scioscia in Irvine, CA-July 2011.
Joshua Kohl and Mark Trumbo in Irvine, CA-July 2011.

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