Monday, May 6, 2013

Friendly Encounters: Frank Wroblewski Meets Toni Kukoc

This is a weekly series about friends who have met celebrities.

We all know Matt Parker is the Contributor Extraordinaire for  Since my father has been racking up celebrity encounters, should he get the title of "Senior Contributor" for Johngy's Beat?
I don't know what my dad likes more, supplying me with these pictures and autographs or actually meeting the celebrities himself.  He seems to get pretty excited about both.
Bridges Sports Bar is a quick drive from his home.  They have solid food and they organize the signings very well.  My dad has been to about a dozen or so and he has never complained about any of them.  That is pretty impressive.
One of his first celebrity appearances featured Toni Kukoc, one of my dad's favorite players from the Bulls dynasty of several years back.
Kukoc had a nice outside shot.  Back in the day, my dad was a pretty good player, although not in Kukoc's league.  Still, I think my dad (a fearless defender) would have at least pushed Kukoc to keep his shots outside.
In any case, my dad met Kukoc at Bridges and really enjoyed the moment.  He reports that Kukoc was extremely nice and accommodating to the fans.  Good celebrity appearance reports are always welcome, especially from Senior Contributor Frank Wroblewski.
Toni Kukoc and Frank Wroblewski in Griffith, IN-Winter 2012.

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