Tuesday, May 7, 2013

On the Beat with Elliott Harris at C2E2 2013

I have been a faithful follower of Elliott Harris for years.  I have seen him cover Chicago sports and sports-related beautiful women for years.  I have aspired to be like Harris for years.  If JohngysBeat.com had a goal, it would be to become Elliott Harris.
Scott Beatty and I were walking through the 2013 Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2), when I recognized the legend himself walking right to us.  I never recognize celebrities, even when I know they are around.  Somehow, the stars aligned and our paths crossed and I actually recognized my idol Harris.
Of course, I had to stop him and introduce myself.  I think I stopped just short of begging to be his protegee.  Fortunately, he took it all with good humor (although I still am serious about wanting to be his protegee).  Harris gave us a few minutes of his time to talk about C2E2 and how he meets these women.
It was really cool to meet Harris (although it would be cooler to be his protegee).  Despite the fact that I am not Elliott Harris, I am happy with what I do at JohngysBeat.com.  I have met a ton of athletes, celebrities and beautiful women.  Now, I can add Harris to that list.
After you watch the interview, check out ElliottHarris.com to learn more about him and see some interesting sports stuff and beautiful women.  Feel free to drop a line to him and mention that he really needs to add Johngy to his staff!

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