Monday, May 20, 2013

Friendly Encounters: Michele Mupo Meets Lisa Marie Varon

This is a weekly series about friends who have met celebrities.

Both of today's featured people are celebrities whom I have met and consider friends.  They are both very cool and dynamic ladies.
As a professional wrestler, I always assumed Lisa Marie Varon could probably put a hurting on me, despite her very sweet demeanor.  Up until I saw the picture below, I never gave much thought to Michele's strength.  Now I have to wonder if I would stand a chance against either lady.  I digress however, as this piece is not about their physical strength.
I guess you could say that this is about their inner strength.  LMV has excelled in the male-dominant cut-throat world of professional wrestling.  With or without the title, she is one of the all-time greats.  That did not just happen,  It took a lot of hard work and perseverance.
Through it all though, LMV has remained grounded.  She is sweet, funny, outrageous and more.  I have interviewed and talked to her several times and she is simply awesome.
Michele is also a woman of strength.  The multi-talented woman known as Fuchsia has many titles in her professional life.  She is a ball of action, seemingly never stopping and hardly even slowing down.
Yet, Michele finds time...makes time to continually support our troops.  She created the music video Keep the Peace.  You can get a ton of great info and also donate to the project, by going to Keep the Peace.  It's a beautiful tune done for a fantastic cause by a wonderful woman.  That's a great trifecta!  You can learn more about Michele by following Fuchsia on twitter.
Back to Lisa Marie Varon, she is keeping busy with The Squared Circle , her restaurant in Chicago.  I wrote about my great experience there for the  In short, it is excellent and LMV is there often.  You can check it out online at
These ladies probably have a bunch f pictures together, but the one below is my favorite.  It demonstrates the fun these women have.  It also shows the strength of Michele.  I guess if I am going to take on these women at some point, I will need a strong tag team partner.
Michele Mupo and Lisa Marie Varon in Cherry Hill, NJ-April 2009.

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