Tuesday, May 21, 2013

On the Beat with Lance Storm at Resistance Pro Wrestling "Back for the Attack"

Lance Storm does not make many appearances, especially in the ring.  He did come out for Resistance Pro Wrestling's "Back for the Attack" last month.  That is just another example which speaks volumes of the industry opinion of the folks at R Pro.
Storm started wrestling in 1990 and had success and won titles everywhere he went.  Since 2004, he has wrestled a much lighter schedule, in a sort of a semi-retirement.  He also runs a pro wrestling school, the Storm Wrestling Academy, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
At the peak of his career, Storm ranked #13 of the top 500 singles wrestlers in the PWI 500 in 2001.  In the same year, the Wrestling Observer named him the "Most Underrated."  He is the first wrestler to hold three titles simultaneously in World Championship Wrestling promotion.
I met Storm prior to the action of "Back for the Attack" and found him to be incredibly nice.  He agreed to do an interview, but unfortunately, he got very busy, very quickly.  Still, he kept true to his word and talked to us for a bit on his way out for the night.
I totally appreciate it.  Storm (and everyone else) has no obligation to talk to us any time.  As the guest feature of the night, he was in demand all night.  Yet, when all was done, there he was, talking to JohngysBeat.com.  It was very professional of him and very nice of him.  We appreciate it greatly.
After you enjoy our quick hit with Lance Storm, head over to StormWrestling.com to learn more about Storm and get his updates.  You can also follow him on the Lance Storm-Authorized Fan Page on Facebook as well as follow Storm on twitter.

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