Thursday, May 2, 2013

Jim Cornelison Can Really Belt a Tune Contributor Extraordinaire Matt Parker gets credit for this celebrity encounter.  While at a POWW event, Matt spotted Jim Cornelison on the other side of the room.  We went over to talk to him and get pictures and then he was announced and a big crowd came to meet him.  Once again, we were first and out easily.
Cornelison is the national anthem singer for the Blackhawks.  He is also an opera singer.  Clearly, the man has unbelievable talent.
A few years ago, he was quoted as saying he wanted to be the connector between classical music and hockey.  During his time with the Hawks, he has learned of several hockey fans within the classical music community and vice versa.
I am not sure Cornelison can bridge wrestling with classical music, but I would not put that passed him either.  He received one of the largest ovations of the night at the wrestling event.  Wrestling did have a character named "the Maestro" a while back.
Cornelison's version of the anthem is as stirring as I have heard.  It is powerful and defiant, which is how the anthem was intended to be.  My hat is always off for the anthem, but my hat is also off to Cornelison.,
Jim Cornelison and me in Tinley Park, IL-Summer 2012.

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