Friday, May 31, 2013

On the Beat with the Ann Arbor Derby Dimes

Once again, my coverage of the Windy City Rollers brought me some excitement.  This time, it was at the Motor City Comic Con, in the form of a few of the women from the Ann Arbor Derby Dimes.  I had no idea these derby women would be at the MCCC, but once I saw them, I definitely wanted to get a couple interviews.
I first talked to Michelle O'Bomb Ya (sometimes called Michelle O'She'll Bomb Ya).  Later I got a Derby Dimes double header in the form of Ivonna Chaser and Murder byProxy.  Much like the WCR, these ladies have the same dedication, passion and fun.  This is an unpaid sport and these ladies work tirelessly.  Between practicing, playing and promoting, I have no idea how they have time for any life outside of roller derby.  I am just so impressed.
This is not the roller derby from years ago.  While the skaters (rollers?) have theatrical names, everything else is legit and totally a clean competition.  I encourage everyone to check out this roller derby near you.  The league and the women are so fan friendly.  Yes, I have quickly become a big fan.
Of course, I had to ask when they would be in Chicago.  They immediately pulled out [pocket schedules and we found out it wouldn't be until October.  Still, I will definitely want to be there.
For more info and updates on these ladies, check out Derby Dimes.

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