Thursday, May 30, 2013

On the Beat with Jon Provost at Motor City Comic Con 2013

Jon Provost played Timmy on tv's Lassie for seven seasons, ending his run the year before I was born.  Still, I have enjoyed the series in syndication over the years.
I targeted Provost immediately for an interview when he was announced as a guest at Motor City Comic Con.  I sent him a detailed request email.  To my surpise, he responded quickly.  He pointed out that seemed interested more in wrestling than in what he has done.  He did agree to the interview though, if I really wanted it.
Wow!  Provost actually looked at my site and expressed his opinion.  Maybe it was a test to see if I really wanted to talk to him.  Maybe he was expressing a concern that he wouldn't fit in on  Maybe he was just pointing out that my site does have a lot of wrestling.
In any of those scenarios, I give my respect to Provost.  He did not just approve or decline my request.  He actually did his research, made his comment and still agreed to do the interview.
That shows me that he is a true professional.  I told him that I respected his answer and that my site does have a lot of wrestling, primarily because I can get to the wrestlers more than I can get to former television stars like him.  I would love to interview all of the stars I watched as a kid and beyond.
Provost was just as professional in person at the MCCC.  He had a steady line of fans, but still gave us a couple minutes of his time.  It was a pleasure speaking to him and also just setting it up.  He is a class act and a real professional!
After you watch the interview, you can learn all about Provost by going to  

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Jean Parker said...

Wow ... pretty cool to interview "Timmy" ... such a legendary show ... good old Lassie!