Thursday, May 9, 2013

On the Beat with Chris Burnham at C2E2 2013

I know, when my friends read this, they will be shocked that I am featuring a comic other than Aquaman.  While my love for all things Aquaman is widely known, you should know I would not pass up talking to a talented comic artist, no matter which superhero is his subject matter.
Such is the case with Chris Burnham, best known for his awesome work for Batman Incorporated.  Mark Beatty, of Dark Tower Comics in Chicago, introduced Scott and me to the talented Burnham at C2E2.
I really liked Burnham.  He doesn't take himself too seriously, although he takes his job seriously.  He admits it is a thrill to draw for Batman.  You can quickly tell he is having fun.
I imagine it would be like me writing for Aquaman.  Oh sure, it still involves the process of work, but what a blast it would be.
Burnham was one of the most popular guests in Artist Alley and deservedly so.  The guy is talented, personable and drawing for one of the most famous superheroes.  He is definitely an artist we would like to revisit in the future.
Once again,'s Scott Beatty (lead interviewer, all around big shot, music historian and comics master) took the interview lead.  I just wish he asked one Aquaman question.
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