Wednesday, May 15, 2013

On the Beat with Eric St. Vaughn at Resistance Pro Wrestling "Back for the Attack"

Eric St. Vaughn is living his dream as a wrestler for Resistance Pro.  As a friend, I am enjoying experiencing all of it and being a small part of it.
ESV is working hard and quickly improving as a wrestler.  He wrestles as a heel, but he usually gets a good amount of cheers.  When he started doing his Body Magic rap, he got some of the loudest cheers I have heard at R Pro.
Then last month, just when I started thinking he might turn to the good side, ESV and his Body Magic partner GQ gave a post-match beatdown to the Two Star Heroes.  This ESV is an interesting guy.  Maybe I don't know which side of the fence is in his near future.
I do know success is in that future.  That I can see and so can all else.  He's got the look, the attitude, the fans and (like I wrote) his wrestling is improving every time out there.
ESV Superfan and Contributor Extraordinaire Matt Parker missed the last show and therefore I handled his usual ESV interview.  I must say, it was a pleasure and an honor to interview this young star.
ESV's wrestling career started shortly after R Pro debuted.  They have grown together, which is appropriate.  R Pro is full of quality people and ESV (despite the bad guy we see in the ring) is a class act. believes in ESV's future.  That is why we jumped on the ESV sponsorship bandwagon.  We want to be in for the full ride!
After you watch our latest ESV interview, check out the Eric St. Vaughn Facebook page and follow ESV on twitter.

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